Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Why would you Outsource?

  • Get specialised technology, methodology and personnel without the hassle and cost.
  • Are your people trained and are they enthusiastic and successful in getting payment without upsetting your customers?
  • Does your team know your legal collection rights and responsibilities?
  • Save time - you don't have to train new employees.  You and your staff can focus on what you do best.
  • Is credit control a priority for staff or is it squeezed in, reluctantly, between other duties?  Maybe they both dislike the role and have no aptitude for it?
  • Receivables is a very important function and it needs to be done well
  • Free up resources for other purposes so you can concentrate on making revenue.   You don't have to make  room for another employee or buy more office equipment and supplies.   
  • Save money - reduce operating costs though increased efficiencies on expenses = increased profitability.   None of the costs that come with an employee - ACC, sick leave, holiday pay, Kiwisaver and PAYE.  Save on phone, postage and stationery costs.  Outsourcing is also tax deductible.    
  • Rids you of a job you don't like - by delegating those less enjoyable or difficult jobs, you can concentrate on doing what you do well and what you enjoy doing.    
  • Give your clients higher quality service/customer contact - customers won't even know we are involved (unless you want them to).   We act like staff but without the payroll costs.    
  • Preserve your customer relationships.  Total diplomacy - we take any flack and we try not to upset your customers - which means they are more likely to keep buying from you.     
  • Fire us at anytime - no long-term contract  - which gives you peace of mind.  
  • No risk - nothing to lose but lots to gain.

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