Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Our story 

We love to help other businesses thrive by giving them the time and cashflow to focus on their core business!

One of the reasons Be Paid Limited was established in Dunedin in 2001 was because we realised one of the worst things you can do in business is mix sales and collection.  Clients need to have a clear definition of whose role is what.  So if you or your sales team contacts a client, they know it's not going to be about the money.   This helps avoid awkward situations for the sales team and allows the business owner and the sales team to blame some else (the credit controller).   It gives the client the impression that the salesperson/owner are on their side and helps improve the relationship with the client and more importantly continue to be able to sell to the client.    We think it's very difficult and counter-productive to expect a salesperson to chase the money when they should be chasing the sale.

We are proudly Dunedin-based, but helping businesses throughout New Zealand to be paid on time.

We have improved cashflow for many small to medium sized enterprises including law firms, property valuers, panel beaters, fashion designers, media, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, accountants, printing firms, electricians, plumbers and mechanics.

Our clients receive prompt, personal, customised solutions for their debtor issues.  Our approach is hands on so if we think you can improve processes, we will talk to you about it.   We understand the value in protecting customer relationships.   We try to eliminate the need for costly debt collection by encouraging and providing effective and efficient processes and early and regular contact with customers.   And because we are unashamedly small, you are not just another client to us.  We make sure we understand you and your business and we proactively look for ways to save you time and money.

We can help you and your business!  Please contact us for a no-obligation chat.  Let us put together a customised solution for your business.

We guarantee to improve your cash flow within 90 days.