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Retention of Title (Romalpa Clause)

Possession  9/10ths of the Law?    Think again!

Have you sold goods that are now in the possession of your customer - but you have not been paid?   Do you own goods which are leased or bailed to someone else?

Do you think you can march in there and recover these goods ahead of your customers' secured creditors?

Re-think carefully.   In an insolvency or liquidation, your customer could be treated as 'owner' of the goods, including leased goods, (if your lease is longer than one year).   If you want to get paid in an insolvency, ahead of the banks and unsecured creditors, you should register a charge over the assets you provide to your customers on credit.

Provided your Terms of Trade have the correct clauses, Be Paid Limited can arrange registration of all your completed credit applications or other security documents on the Personal Property Securities Register.

This register is maintained by the Companies Office and can only be accessed on-line.   We have been registering and maintaining security agreements on the regidster since the register began in 2002.

Be Paid Limited - caring for your most important assets - your customers and your cash.

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