Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Want all your debtor problems taken care of?

Total Customer Care

A fully outsourced solution and can include any or all of the following services:


Credit checking -  credit check your new credit customers to reduce the risk of default and send them a welcome on-boarding letter.

 Invoicing - process your invoices and have them sent on time so you get paid on time.

 Statements - input payments and send out statements so your customers know what they owe in a timely manner.

 Credit Control - you don't  have to ask your customer for money - we will!  (and if we identify problems, we will let you know straight away so you have a chance to fix them).

Debt Collection - if payment is not made when it should, with your permission, we will pursue your debtor in the most economical and effective way we can to get payment in full plus costs.

Reporting -  When using cloud software, you can see activity at any time, see who are your best and worst payers and when we contacted them.   Have an accurate idea of when money should be coming in and how much.  If not using cloud software, we will provide regularly reports.

Customer Answer Service - We can arrange it so that customers call us directly with their account queries and we can sort them for you.

Secure off-site storage of your crucial billing and customer records - your information is safe even if there is a fire or burglary or other disaster at your premises 

Reduction of risk of fraud by employees - because we are keeping an eye on the money that is coming in, there is less risk of it being syphoned off by an unscrupulous employee.


Total Customer care is a comprehensive package of services available from Be Paid Limited.   Ready to give you full backup whenever you need it.   You choose which services you require and you will have more control of your business and your cashflow than you ever thought possible.