Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Outsourced Credit Control

Are all your customers paying you on time each month?

 "We've been working with Be Paid Ltd for the past 6 months and its been a game changer for us.  Not only does it save us time but it also allows us to maintain better relationships with our clients, as we're not the ones on the end of the phone asking for payment when things have been missed."   Sam Heath, Managing Director, Nudge Marketing

One of our long-term clients,  Downie Stewart Lawyers says: “We have used the  Be Paid Ltd Credit Control service since December 2001.  Over that time they have done an excellent job for us.  They treat our clients professionally and with respect while maintaining a disciplined and persistent debt collection process. They have good intuition as to the best approach to take in any situation and communicate well with us as required.  We have found outsourcing this role to be very effective for us and we would recommend Be Paid Ltd."


How does it work?

We contact your customers on your behalf.  Your customers get regular, personalised serivce, and in most cases they don't need to know we are involved, except for paying you sooner!   Fast results that are more cost-effective than in-house credit control. More time to spend on making money - not chasing yesterdays.  A custom-designed credit control service ideally for businesses with 10 to 300 monthly debtors.

What does it cost?

A monthly fee is charged for Credit Control based on the average number of debtors invoiced monthly (not the dollar value of the billing).  Calculated in the fee is an amount for phone, stationery and postage charges.  The total fee will depend on whether you typically have recurring trade customers or a mix of trade and retail customers and also whether your customers are mostly local or nationwide. We are happy to give you a no-obligation free quotation.

You will 

  • reduce debt collection costs and lower your risk of recurring bad debts
  • relieve cash flow issues by having your debtors under control but without damaging your client relationships.
  • know about potential problems sooner and therefore be able to fix them more quickly


We take time to listen to your clients' feedback, which in turn helps you grow and plan your business.  We alert you of unhappy customers so you can proactively solve problems before its too late.  We professionally represent you to your clients while saving you time.  No long-term contracts - we do the work and you stay in control.


- someone else chasing your slow payers

- more time for you to do other things

- more money in the bank

Never ask a customer for money - ever again!


While we can work with any billing system, and it is definitely not necessary, if you use cloud software and allow us access,  we can maintain your ledger without taking up your time and you can see, at any time, what work has been done, promises made by your debtors and progress made.    We can also show you and/or your staff ways to use these systems more effectively.    The following are some of the cloud software we are proficient in using: