Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Want to keep your customers happy but you need them to pay on time?

Diplomatic Credit Control


Most small to medium sized businesses don't always have the time or the resources to follow-up slow paying customers.  And most business owners don't like asking their customers for payment.  It's natural to not want to upset and therefore possibly lose a customer and it can be just plain embarrassing.

The difference between our outsourced, professional credit control method and others is that we pride ourselves on building and maintaining customer relationships.   We are well-known in Dunedin and throughout New Zealand for using a velvet glove before the iron fist! 

Just imagine -  Your slow payers are followed up by personal telephone call.  In a friendly, non-threatening manner, they are asked for payment.  If there is a problem, you are immediately informed so that you can fix it.  If there isn’t, they are asked to make payment directly to you.  If needed, we will arrange and monitor a payment plan.  We may also write, email or text customers if we think that approach will be the most effective.  We act as a member of your team but without being on your payroll or taking up space or resources.  We are in regular contact with your customers and always respect them as our own.

 Fees are based on the average number of customers you give credit per month and have no relationship to the dollar value of your receivables ledger.  You will know from the outset what your set monthly fee will be.  Included in the fee will be stationery, postage, toll and cellphone costs that we now carry and is removed from your office expenses.  Although there is a written agreement as to what you can expect and what we expect in return, there is no long-term contract and you can end our relationship at any time.


If you would like more  no-obligation information, please contact us  We guarantee that we will respond within 24 hours.

Just imagine:

- a dedicated person to chase slow payers

- more time for other things

- more money in the bank


While it is definitely not necessary, if you use the following software it means that we can maintain your ledger without taking up your time and you can see what work has been done, promises made by your debtors and progress made