Never ask a customer for money - ever again!

Is cash flowing out of your business faster than it's flowing in?

Are some clients always late paying?

Are late payments putting you and your business under pressure?

Late payments are like dominos. When you don't get paid, you can't pay other people and then they can't pay their bills, either.
Consistently late payments not only put you under financial pressure, they add stress and can wreck once-positive 
business relationships.
But few of us like asking clients for money, especially when you have an ongoing relationship with them. It just adds to 
your probably already high stress levels.
We have the solution!

Why not outsource your debtor ledger management!

Be Paid Ltd is a small Dunedin company with a big reputation for getting late payers to cough up. Whether a bill is a
week overdue or has been sitting in your debtor's file for a year, we'll get it paid for you. Our success rate is a
phenomenally high 93.27%.
But not only will we have your bank balance zooming into the black, we'll do it in a way that retains your client.
When managing your ledger, we are experts in diplomacy.
We just calmly work with your debtor to ensure you get paid without any drama, come-back or fall-out. And
if we find there's a legitimate reason they haven't paid, we'll liaise between them and you to sort out the problem.

Of course, if they just simply won't pay, then we may have to use stronger tactics.........
- but only as a very last resort and only with your permission.
As an added benefit, you'll find out whether there are problems in your business you don't know about.
People often won't complain to you directly, but they will tell someone else.
Here at Be Paid Ltd we manage debtors on behalf of many small businesses and professional firms. We do it so well
their clients are usually unaware an outsource specialist is involved; we act like a member of staff, but without
the cost of being on the payroll.

You might think that such a service would be expensive. It's not, there's just a regular, affordable fee based on
the average number of customers you invoice each month. When you take into account the savings you will
make in interest and other costs, our service pays for itself almost immediately.

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Never ask a customer for money - ever again!